Thursday, July 28, 2011

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Canada

It's finally available in Canada, and more to the point, in Southern Ontario- that amazing paint that everyone in blogland has been talking about- Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  And the funniest thing is, the store that carries it is located in Bath near Kingston, Ontario, just minutes from where my husband's family live - in fact,  the store is on the same road that his brother and sister-in-law live on, and where his family home was, and still is located .  Is this not a small world ????  I've been trying to decide if I wanted to spend the money to order it and have it shipped from New Jersey, which was the closest location to me I could find, but now that problem is solved.  If you wait long enough, good things usually happpen.

 I know, I know, stop talking already and tell us where it is.  The store is called The Melon Patch, and here's the link to the web-site and Blog here.

Now, unfortunately, I live 2 hours away in Toronto, but, it's still better then having to order it from the States and having it shipped across the border.  I can just have one of my family members pick up the paint for me and get it when I go to visit- I'm so excited to try it out.  I've already pre-ordered some paint and wax- they sold out of the Old White in just one week, and the owner of the store-Elizabeth is going to email me when it arrives.

Here are some pictures that I borrowed from the Melon Patch Blog, of finished items using the paint.

I can't wait to show some pictures of my own items once I get the paint.  I hope all you bloggers in Canada will check out the Melon Patch site and blog- they will ship anywhere in the world.  And I hope this little bit of information will be of help to a lot of people.

Until next time.  Au Revoir!!!!!


  1. It sure helped me ! I am so excited to see it is avail in Canada. I have seen it all over the US blogs, and I am super excited to give it a try.Did you buy some? Since this blog post is from 2011, I am excited to know if you tried it and if you had some good results from it.
    Happy Painting !

  2. You see pictures but you never really know for sure what it looks like on something until you actually try. I've been looking for chalk paint too and I'm glad now that I can get in Canada. I love this shade of color.


  3. I was excited to find the Melon Patch too, but then I found Painted Out in St. George Ontario, her husband is an auctioneer as is mine, so I get it delivered via him. It is wonderful, I live in Newtonville between Kingston and Toronto and hoping I can sell it. Looking forward to seeing your items.

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