About Me

Hi.  I'm Armelle from Southern, Ontario.  I was actually born in Doue' ,France, to a French father and an American mother . We moved to Canada in 1965 , but I still consider myself French, and love all things French  I just recently started this blog to document all the decorating and craft projects that I do.  I was a retail manager for over 30 years, working at large department stores and smaller chain stores.    I've worked in fashion, sewing and craft stores, and most recently a home decorating store, and a liquor store.  I've  had  good and bad experiences in all these places, but have learned a lot along the way.  I'm currently a stay -at - home wife ( aka unemployed) , with no children, so I have lots of spare time . I'm married to a great guy- we've been together 17 years, but only just got married 3 years ago.  We bought the house and lived together for 14 year first.  So we're pretty sure we're together for life.  Good thing, because I've finally got him trained just the way I want.  I joke here- but just a little.  We are very happy, and crazy, and still in love!!!!!! I have a 27 year old step-daughter, and no pets.  Although the hubby is working on me to get a dog.  I've just about given in, but not quite yet.  We're considering a Golden Doodle because they don't shed, and they;re so darned cute.  A good friend if mine has one and he's just adorable.  But we'll see.........

I have a diploma in Fashion Design and Merchandising, and am a watercolor artist.  I enjoy decorating, crafting, renovating, refurbishing old furniture and faux finish painting- basically everything and anything creative.  I'm also a gardening " NUT" -  once the weather warms up, I spend most of my time outside getting my hands dirty.  And decorating my yard.  It drives my husband crazy- but I don't care.  I live for this stuff.  Sometimes I forget to eat when I'm involved in a project, which is why I'm very thin.

My newest passion is going to thrift stores and on Craig's list or Kijiji and buying inexpensive items with good "bones", and turning them into beautiful treasures.  Even better is when someone gives me something for free, or my husband finds things that were thrown out  ( as was the case with the Wrought Iron Bed in our guest room).  A few cans of spray paint, and a brand new treasure for next to nothing.  I actually start to sweat and get my heart starts to flutter when I find a freat new piece of "trash".  I've even taken old clothes and used the fabric to make cushions, runners, etc,. or redesigned them into cool new items that I can wear.  Yes- I'm crazy, and have way more projects to do then I can ever finish.  Before I'm even finished one project, I'm already thinking of the next one- can you say "anxiety ".  My brain never turns off, so I can't sleep at night.  Oh well- good thing I'm not working right now.

We live in a post-war bungalow, with beautiful fieldstone all over it, so it looks like a little cottage right in the heart of a big city. The original plaster walls and hardwood oak floors and trim were still there when we bought the house, but the decor was "hideous".  Bright red carpet and red and gold flocked wallpaper- GAG !!!!! !But slowly and painstakingly, we are transforming this into a beautiful home.  I call my style French Country Casual meets the Beach/Garden.  I love anything French,vintage and distressed.  I love muted blues and sage green and antique white , so my whole house is slowly being transformed into all these colors- love, love, love it!!!!! I love wood, and old stone, linen, toile, ticking,canvas, raw silk.

I'm, also an artist- I paint in watercolor and acrylic (but mostly watercolor), and do some pencil sketches as well.  My house is filled with my artwork, as well as art work that I've purchased - I LOVE ART.  Everyone I know gets watercolor paintings from me as gifts, and I've even managed to sell some (  Good thing since I love to spend money that I don't really have).  Which is why I do all the renovating, remodeling, painting etc., myself and sometimes with the help of my husband.  But I'm kind of a control freak and think my style and way is best, so he doesn't much get in my way.  This is a good recipe for marriage.

Anyways, I hope you'll follow me along in my journey for a beautiful, cozy, vintage inspired French Country Cottage in the City.  I hope to make this blog beautiful, informative and funny too.  Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing and creating it.