Favourite Spas

I love going to spas, at least once or twice a year, if not more.  So I thought it would be fun to keep a record of the different ones I've visited.  I'll include pictures, websites and anything else I think you might like as well.

Ste. Anne's Country Inn and Spa

This past February, 2011, I went to Ste. Anne's Country Inn and Spa  in Grafton, Ontario, with some girlfriends for a $99.00 Diva Day special. The price included one 1/2 hour service of our choice, use of the facilities all day, robe and slippers to use, lunch and afternoon tea.  We had a very relaxing time, recharged our batteries, and left all our worries behind.  I chose the 1/2 hour swedish massage which included back, neck, decolette', and scalp- and  it was heavenly.  I got to choose from a number of scented massage oils.

Welcome to the Spa

Inside  Ste. Anne's Spa
  Then we hit the eucalyptus steam room and sweated for a good 15-20 minutes, before braving the cold Canadian  outdoors, to jump into the hot tub.  Although it was outdoors, it was very sheltered with a beautiful stone wall, and once we got in, you really couldn't feel the cold.  My hair did freeze a bit from where it got wet, and my ears were a little cold at first, but I just moved the the other side of the hot tub, where the sun was shining, and all was fine.  There was also a resistance pool, and another lap pool, but we were content just to soak in the hot-tub.  One of my girlfriends even brought us all our own chocolate mud packs for our face, so I slathered it on, and looked a little scary- but I didn't care. 

Fun in the hot-tub

Once we'd had enough of soaking, we hit the showers, changed and went for a delicious spa lunch.  I won't go into all the details, as I'm going to include the website, and you can look up their menus if you're interested, as well as all the services they provide.  Then we went to the quiet /reading room, and I actually fell asleep ( I think I was snoring a little!!!!!)  Finally, we had a full afternoon tea, complete with scones, cookies , brownies, and little sandwiches- pretty yummy stuff!!!!

Afternoon tea

Well, the day ended much too quickly, but if you'd like more information about Ste. Anne's Spa go to http://steannes.com/.

And finally, I'd like to intruduce you to Geraldine.

 She's the resident wild turkey that has moved onto the grounds- she seems to really like it there and apparently has her picture taken more than the interior of the spa.  She was a little shy, and wouldn't take her head out from under her wing for this picture.  Hope you liked my little tour, and I'll keep you posted on other spas I visit.

Amethyst Spa and Salon - 1472 Danforth Ave.,Toronto, Ontario

I was given a $200 dollar gift certificate to this small local spa and salon for Christmas.  There are only 2 employees- Yvonne Wilson, the owner, and one other person.  It is a really nice little place, close to home and very comfortable.  I had a wonderful massage and facial, and still had money left over on the certificate to put towards a pedicure.  I will definately be going back there on a regular basis.

As well as all their spa & esthetic services, they have a salt cave, also know as Halotherapy.  I will be trying that out soon, as it is supposed to be really good for cleaning out any respiratory problems that you might have. 

Please check out there website for a full list of sevices.