Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Re-Inherited Antique Phone.

 Just a short post today. 

 Thought I'd take this opportunuty to show you this great antique phone I inherited.

The ear-piece had come off, so I used epoxy glue to repair it.

And the dial cover was missing, so I took a picture of some hydrangeas from the internet and made my own .
I got the idea from this great antique French phone I found a picture of.

I really like this Danish antique phone- but I'll settle for mine which was" free".

Just for fun, here are some other antique phones that I love.

This one is sweet too!!!!

And I wouldn't kick this one out of my bedroom.

What can I say......

And this one satisfies my need for a little bling in my life.

But back to reality........

Here's the phone on my end table in my living room- and it even works . I'd forgotten how much work dialing a phone is , but I'll probably just use this phone for decoration, and to answer incoming calls.

  And did I mention that I saw the same phone at an antique store and they were asking $125.00 for it.  The shop owner said she could get twice that for it, so it made me happy to tell her I had the same one and I got it for free.