Monday, February 14, 2011

Welcome to my Home

First of all, I'd like to say "Happy Valentines Day".  Here are some beautiful roses from me to you....

 I thought I'd start out this blog by telling you a little bit about my home.  I've lived in my lovely post-war bungalow for 19 years, and I've redone almost every room . By myself!!!!!!  Some several times......I just never seem satisfied, and I'm  constantly changing things. I call my style French Country Casual meets Cottage.  Everyone who visits says our house looks so warm and inviting.  I love to go to really expensive,trendy stores, then look around and find similar things that I can transform.  It keeps me from over-spending the budget ( well, I  really can't say I have a budget), but since I'm not working, I've got to be creative.  And thrifty, frugal, and downright cheap.

                                                   I hope you'll think so too !!!!!

My first post will be about a fabulous solid oak and marble end-table I bought one Craig's List for $35.00.  It was the perfect size for a small t.v. stand for my living room, and had a shelf for the VCR.  Here's how I transformed it:

The table in its original condition.

Solid Marble top

Getting ready to strip off the varnish....

Taped off and ready to go.

Here's the table after stipping off many, many layers of varnish.  Very stinky and hard work. Fan was on, window open in freezing February weather, heavy duty gloves, mask and safety googles ( boy did I look hot!!!!!)

Front view.

Gluing on a deorative wooden applique'

Applique' is glued on- looking better, and better!!!!!

Next, needed to stain applique to match oak.

Much better.

Looking good- ready for a faux distress finish.

Mixed together a blue/gray glaze

Here's the first layer of the finish :  I dry bushed the raw wood with the 
blue/grey glaze and left some of the raw wood showing through. 
I used a CIL blue mixed with  some light grey craft paint I had left from a previous project.

 Second step:  dry bush a glaze of cottage white latex paint mixed
with a little water.  Used Behr Cottage White left over from when I painted my living room,

Then I sanded some areas to make it look more distressed- corners, legs, front panel- wherever natural wear would accur. Took the table outside to spray with a protective clear, matt acrylic sealer-you definately want to spray this outside as it's very toxic.And boy is this sucker heavy- did I mention it was solid oak and marble!!!!!!!!

Close-up of sanding detail.

In it's new home as a T.V. stand

VCR fits perfectly.
I just love it now, and it was only $35.00 dollars, and took less then a week of work

I hope you've enjoyed my first official post, and I have lots more to share, so please come back and visit.

                                                             Bye til next time.  Au Revoir!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Fabulous job!!! I would be so proud of myself if I could pull off something half as nice. Have a great weekend ~ Dee

  2. Fabulous job!!! I would be so proud of myself if I could pull off something half as nice. Have a great weekend ~ Dee

  3. It's a keeper! ... You really put a lot of work into and it shows ... I love your color choice and the addition of the wood carving is perfect!

    Thanks for sharing at Voila!


  4. What a sweet little charmer!! Great job on it~ thank you for sharing at FNF! :)

  5. Hi - beautiful job. Fantastic!

    If you want to add some great interest to your furniture pieces - see if you can order "Decorator's Sourcebook," which has 1000s of beautiful resin onlays that you can steam and then place on your furniture. The co. is in Chicago I think (you can search and order online - but they will send you a catalogue...for a small price).

    They have great historical onlays. There are other companies as well - that are pricier - but this source has been great for me.

    I get tired of seeing the same old onlays from Home Depot, Michaels etc - so you will really appreciaite this source. Let me know what you think!



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