Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thrift Store Shopping Shopping Bonanza

I absolitely love thrift store shopping, and going through Craig's list or Kijiji, looking for a bargain.  Sometimes I have good luck, and other times, I find nothing.  The other day, I went to my local Value Village Thrift Department store and came out within 15 minutes with 4 great things- a white decorative seving tray, a down-filled pillow insert, and 2 pairs of jeans for myself.

This platter was only $1.99 and matched a 3-compartment condiment dish I already have.  It was under a good layer of dust, but I wiped it off and it was in otherwise perfect condition.  Took it home and put it in my dish cabinet, and now it looks like an antique piece (but it's not).

See how perfectly it matches my other piece which was a gift from a friend.

The cushion insert was 100% down and usually retails for up to $50.00.  It will be made into a pillow at some point.  I payed $4.99.

This tray I found a few days ago- it looks like silver, or silver plate in the picture, but it's not - I will be spray painting it Heirloom White and giving it a vintage finish in another post, but it photographs like a fine antique- it has beautiful detail on the edges and handles.

I definately think I can do something with this!!!!!!!

 Now, I'm usually squeamish about buying second hand clothes for myself, but this Value village is in a pretty good area and you can sometimes find designer and name brands for next to nothing- and in very good, if not brand new condition  .  The jeans fit me perfectly and I payed $7.99 for one pair, and $12.99 for the other.

These will look great tucked into my high riding boots.

What a bargain. 

Total  spent  $35.00 + tax.  I couldn't have bought even one pair of jeans at my favourite off-price designer store for that.  Winners ( known as TJ Maxx in the states always has great deals, but not as great as this!!!!!)

Do you have a thrifty shopping story to tell?  I'd love to hear about it.  My heart starts racing when I think I'm about to find something great for a steal.  How about You?

Until Next time.  Au Revoir!!!!!!

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